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Fade Fighter

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Fade Fighter will keep you focused, keep you alert, and give you the mental clarity you need to bring your A game, all day. Look out packed schedule, you’re going down.

Life is one big busy schedule. Sometimes we plan our lives a little too full and that calls for a little more action. When life leaves you feeling a little ‘Blah’, our blend of CBD, CBG, with our Focus-tailored terpenes, will perk you up and give you the mental clarity you need to knock out that packed schedule.

Sometimes life calls for a little more action, so Crappy’s is here to fight the fade in a bigger way. We got your back with a 25-tablet child-proof container of Fade Fighter tablets so you can share the love, or you can take routinely and keep on keepin’ on!

When you’re feeling ‘Blah’, but you have to keep after it, here are some recommended times when Fade Fighter can put a little ZING in your step:

  • You gotta keep going, but you’re feeling groggy and losing your focus
  • You need to study, or work, but your mind’s racing and you need to concentrate
  • Your daily errands need to get done, but you’re starting to drag
  • You got a busy day and you need a little oomph, without the caffeine-jitters

Fade Fighter: The natural way to stay alert and focused.

Ingredients: Active CBG, Active CBD, Dextrose, Silicon Dioxide, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, <2% Natural Flavor, Focus Terpene Blend.

THC-Free / Vegan / Gluten-Free / Non-GMO

Made in the USA