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Known as "the sports car of cannabinoids, THCV is believed to offer clear-headed, stimulating, appetite-suppressing properties. It is also being studied for antipsychotic and neuroprotective effects and uses in treating type 2 diabetes and stimulating bone growth.
Read about THCV for weight loss here and all about THCV here. We offer a 500mg THCV single extract and a one-to-one blend of THCV and CBD.

This tincture contains a uniquely high level of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) in certified organic MCT Coconut Oil.

THCV is known as “the sports car of cannabinoids” for its reported clear-headed, stimulating, appetite-suppressing properties.

According to Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information website, THCV may also help with: diabetes, panic attacks, Alzheimer’s and may stimulate bone growth. Learn more about THCV and its benefits on Leafly here.

See this article for scientific studies about how THCV may work for weight loss by decreasing one’s appetite: “Can THCV Really Curb The Munchies?”

This tincture is naturally flavorless and can be taken alone or added to Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Rare Hawaiian Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, or your current daily cannabinoid wellness regime, for an enhanced “entourage effect.”

Available in Pure Double Strength or 1:1 Full Spectrum Blend. 

Pure Double Strength 500mg THCV | Zero THC* | 30ml bottle

Each spray contains 6.7mg THCV**. There are 75 sprays per bottle.


Certified Organic MCT Coconut Oil, THCV Isolate.

1:1 Full Spectrum Blend 250mg THCV | 250mg CBD | 30ml bottle

Each spray contains 3.3mg THCV and 3.3mg CBD.* There are 75 sprays per bottle.


Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hawaiian CBD Hemp Extract, THCV Isolate, Organic Food Grade Wild Orange Essential Oil, Organic Food Grade Lemon Essential Oil.

*THC below lab detectable levels