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We understand your active lifestyle. You’re always on the go and slowing down isn’t an option. Whether you just finished a workout or you’re running between activities, refueling and repairing are critical. High-quality, whey protein isolate, glutamine and full-spectrum hemp extract mix together perfectly for a delicious shake that promotes recovery, so you never miss a beat and just keep getting better.

  • Whey protein isolate recovery shake
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 10mg CBD per serving
  • 20g protein per serving
  • 5g total L-Glutamine per serving
  • 20 servings per container


SUGGESTED USE: Mix 1 scoop with milk, water or beverage of your choice. Drink immediately post workout to support muscle recovery and repair, or drink any time of day for a protein-rich, CBD infused shake.


Key Ingredients 

CBDfit™ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract contains beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to support the endocannabinoid system and promote the “entourage effect.”

20g Whey Protein - supplementing with whey protein supports your daily protein intake.

5g L-Glutamine - is an amino acid that has been shown to support recovery