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D8 Cartridges

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Canna River 600mg Delta 8 Cartridges come in 5 delicious flavors. 

Watermelon Zkittles (Indica, euphoric):

  • Fruity aroma
  • Powerful, heavy effect
  • Great for end of the day relaxation

Blue Dream (Hybrid, relaxation/uplifting):

  • Bright, fruity taste
  • Cerebral stimulation
  • May help with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, stress.

Hawaiian Snow Cap (Sativa, uplifting):

  • Happy effect
  • Spicy, citrus, eucalyptus taste

Cherry AK (Hybrid):

  • Cherry scented
  • Smooth
  • Creamy sandalwood aftertaste

Banana Split (Sativa, uplifting):

  • Clean, levelheaded effect
  • Dominant hybrid
  • Citrus aroma
  • Banana sherbet flavor

These cartridges can be used with any standard 510 thread vape battery. 

This product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC