5 Do's And Don'ts of CBD

5 Do's And Don'ts of CBD

After the legalization of CBD in the United States, people used this herbal substance in many ways. Before you start using CBD, there are some things you must know about the contents, effects, and dosage. But wait, apart from these main aspects, there are many things that you must do or must not do to maximize results. We checked the boxes for all the things you can do or avoid to enjoy CBD for the best effects.

Do’s of Using CBD

Pick your brand based on customer reviews

With a parade of online vendors for CBD, how can a potential user decide which shop to pick? The best insight to any vendor is the customers and their experiences with the products and services from that particular vendor. There can be a fancy name with unhappy buyers, or maybe you consider some sellers ordinary and not worth your time, but it has a wide customer base due to the excellent quality of goods!

We always recommend our users and potential customers to look for an online shop with excellent customer reviews. You can find these reviews on social media pages, interactive platforms, and websites for CBD. Pick the one that everyone loves! Here at CBD Fit Recovery, we research, check lab reports and customer reviews for any CBD product we decide to add to our store. We will not add just any CBD product. 

Always check the label

The contents of your CBD oil or any other product play a crucial role in the effects. For example, if you are using CBD oil with artificial flavor and are allergic to artificial ingredients, the experience will be uncomfortable rather than adding value to your daily life.

More importantly, the amount of cannabidiol, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the CBD products add to the results, and therefore, all users must be aware of what is in that jar! The nutritional value or label of contents must be present on the container of your cannabidiol product. If you are buying from a shop that does not share the contents, please give it up and look for a better retailer!

Laboratory testing is a must!

All quality shops in the United States keep their raw materials, processes, and final product transparent in sharing all information with customers. Quality vendors test their products at third-party laboratories to ensure effective, fresh, and potent CBD. Apart from the contents of the item you use and the efficacy of the substance, the test results also confirm whether the product is safe for use or not. The laboratory tests are a big step in confirming the item's efficacy, and you must buy from a vendor that shares all the details.

Natural ingredients without artificial fillers or solvents

According to the federal allowance, the best CBD products in the market are made from industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC. The best manufacturers ensure that the raw materials are 100% pure, which means that the hemp plants used in the products are free from fertilizers, pesticides and do not contain heavy metals. Similarly, careful production steps are followed to the letter so that the result is a potent and effective cannabidiol product!

Moreover, the processes must be such that the use of artificial solvents or fillers and other natural substances to enhance the effect of CBD must be avoided! CBD works best on its own, and the use of other products means that the item you use is not 100% CBD. The manufacturer must clearly show what is in the bottle, and when they do, you must ensure that the ingredients are natural and free from artificial color, or flavor!

Compare prices 

After checking all the boxes above, you must have narrowed down the search to the best online shop and CBD products. However, we recommend you to check and compare the prices of the same type of CBD product from other vendors. For example, if you are buying a jar of sixty soft gels, compare the price of the same product from competitive websites. This action is necessary to avoid over-priced items. There are a few pointers you must keep in mind when checking prices:

  • The high price may be due to the higher concentration of CBD. Some CBD Oils have 50mg of cannabidiol, while others have 75mg, which may impact the price.
  • The contents of the CBD products may be different. CBD capsules enriched with melatonin or curcumin may be more expensive than plain CBD capsules!
  • Nano CBD or CBD with higher bioavailability may cost more as the nanotechnology processing is more rigorous and involves more expertise. We won’t be surprised if these special products have a bigger number on the price tag!


Don’t expect miracles

CBD is an organic substance that improves energy levels and works gradually. This herbal substance is not a drug that can transform your health within hours! Consumers often have unnatural and illogical expectations from their CBD intake, and it’s a little unfair! Let the organic substance take its course, and don’t rush for results.

Do not misunderstand hemp seed oil with CBD

Hemp oil is the oil of hemp seeds, which contain nutrients to moisturize and soothe. However, CBD is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant! The difference between these two oils is vast, and hemp oil does not have therapeutic qualities like CBD. Be sure to remember the difference when you head out to buy CBD.

Don’t worry about getting high

The sweetest thing about consuming CBD is that it energizes you and does not get you high! The cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties is THC, which is less than 0.3% in all products available and allowed by federal law.

DON'T Trust Unproven Claims

It is easy to say that ‘our product is the best in the country,’ or that ‘use our product for quick pain relief!’ When you are buying CBD, remember to steer clear of such false claims. If a vendor can say that the product is the best in the world, they can also lie about the contents and the quantity of CBD. You cannot trust the purity of CBD products that have false claims attached. Always stay away from such vendors!

Don't give up on CBD too soon

We always advise customers to hang in there! If a few uses of the CBD product did not show results, it does not mean it won’t work. CBD products work slowly, and for beginners, the amount of cannabidiol that gets absorbed in the body makes way for better absorption and impact in the future! Take it easy with the expectations and keep going forward; you will see the change soon! 


CBD products are easily available online and at walk-in stores, but before you begin using this fantastic herbal substance, there are a few things to do and avoid so that your experience is even better! Follow the suggestions above and improve your lifestyle for the best!