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As we age, the testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. This can adversely impact our overall wellbeing given the significance of this hormone in regulating various body functions such as weight gain, mood, sex drive and so on. This decline is essentially worrisome for men who are always hunting for ways to boost it. CBD is gaining prominence in the West, and the enthusiasts can’t sing enough praises about its healing powers. More and more people are considering replacing their synthetic medications for a more natural ingredient in their medicine cabinets. They rave its impact for treating several maladies including...

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Every couple of years, a supplement comes along in the fitness industry that those “in the know” start to rave about. Then after a few months, the rest of the public catches on as well and the supplement begins to sell quickly off the shelves. We have all seen it firsthand before.  In the recent past, there has been creatine, prohormones, SARMS, and other products that actually deliver what they have promised and allowed a person to make significant gains in the gym. It might have meant gaining strength, muscle mass, or even increasing endurance. Whatever the case, it was...

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Many athletes are adding CBD to their daily routine, here's 10 reasons why.......---------------------------------------1. CBD may increase focus in the gym and during training, allowing for a better mind to muscle connection and getting the most out of a workout. 2. CBD may reduce intra-workout discomfort, allowing you to push harder in the gym.3. CBD may reduce post workout soreness (DOMS).4. CBD can reduce post workout inflammation and inflammation in general. Inflammation has been linked to many illnesses & disease. 5. CBD can reduce game day or competition day stress. 6. CBD can reduce cortisol levels, a catabolic hormone, that actually...

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