6 Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System.

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6 Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Boost Your Immune System!

Unless you have sworn off listening to all types of media, and who would blame you, you have probably heard about how the coronavirus is “decimating the world around us”. But that isn’t really the truth. It is just the media up and running with the latest story and turning it into a much bigger deal than it actually is. While they are quoting a mortality rate hovering right around 3.4 percent, the truth is that number is highly questionable as only the severe cases of this illness are being reported. There are numerous people out there that might have it and their only symptoms are a slight cough and fever, easily mistaken for the flu. And then they get better!

This is not to say that the coronavirus should not be taken seriously. As of today, the death toll for the coronavirus has reached 4,000 people worldwide. However, the media is treating it like the second coming of the plague that wiped out more than 50 million people in the 14th century. In contrast, the flu has killed more than 18,000 Americans since September and has infected almost 32 million people in the U.S. alone. I’m not going to use the term “fake news” when discussing this frightening “epidemic” but it seems the media tries to one-up itself when reporting on doom and gloom for rating purposes. 

With all that is going around, it would be a very good idea to strengthen your immune system in the near future. After all, with a strong immune system, you will stand a much better chance against the flu, the coronavirus, and even the common cold. 

6 Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System

While there are numerous ways you can strengthen your immune system, here are six tips you can do today to ensure that you are giving your body a fighting chance against any disease or infection. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

The body repairs itself when you are sleeping. If you are working nonstop and barely getting any sleep, it is likely you will be coming down with some sort of sickness in no time. Try to shoot for eight hours of sleep a night and even a nap somewhere else in your day. 

Have an Exercise Program in Place

Want to be healthy with a strong immune system? Then you need to exercise on a consistent basis! There is a reason that it seems like out of shape people are sick more frequently than those that train often. 

You are not only making your body stronger, you are making your immune system stronger as well. When your blood is pumping, your circulation is firing away on all cylinders and transporting vitamins and minerals all throughout your body. 

A Healthy Diet

It all starts in the gut. If you are eating poorly, your immune system will reflect this. If you are consuming healthy foods packed full of everything that you need, then your nutrition will be optimal and you will be able to fight off those illnesses.

Daily Vitamin

Even those of us that stick with a healthy diet probably do not always get all of the daily percentages we need of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. A daily vitamin can go a long way in ensuring that your body is getting what it needs. 

Plants for the Immune System

Plants can certainly strengthen your immune system. Native Americans used them for many health issues, including supporting a person’s immune system. There are certain herbs like ginger, honey, angelica root, and astragalus that are well known for boosting a body’s immune responses.

The cannabis plant is another one that could assist in helping you feel better in no time. With CBD currently being used by millions for various health ailments, is it any surprise that it could also help you fight off sickness? Studies have shown that CBD can increase white blood cell counts in many. Plus, it helps with nausea, pain, and fights off inflammation as well. There is still much to learn through research and studies about how CBD can benefit those who are suffering from illness!

Lay Off the Alcohol and the Cigarettes 

If you are fond of having a few alcoholic drinks now and then while you puff away on your cigarettes, then you are basically bringing illness to your door. Both alcohol and nicotine are suppressive to the immune system. To strengthen your immune system, you must rid yourself of these habits that are immunosuppressive and will lead you to sickness.