CBD Could Be the Only Sleep Aid You Need!

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CBD Could Be the Only Sleep Aid You Need!

If you seem to be tossing and turning all night long or it takes you an hour to fall asleep each night as random thoughts race through your head, you could probably benefit from a sleep aid. Of course, you wouldn’t want a sleep aid that would be habit-forming or make you feel drowsy the whole next day. This is why CBD could be the only sleep aid you need from here on out. 

CBD Has Relaxing Properties

According to a Consumer Report, 27 percent of people surveyed have trouble either staying asleep or falling asleep during most nights. If the numbers hold up, this means that about a quarter of all people have sleep difficulties. And this report was completed long before the covid-19 pandemic. There is a very good chance that even more people are having difficulty sleeping because of the uncertain times we all live in at the moment. 

Sometimes all you need is a chance to relax and calm your brain and then sleep will come on in minutes. Even the best of us can suffer from anxiety and stress at night as the quietness sets in and our mind starts to wander. 

There have been several studies showing the positive effect that CBD has at limiting anxiety and creating just a better overall mood. It is an over the counter natural supplement that can bring about peace and calmness through affecting the 5-HT1A and endocannabinoid receptors. Taking CBD a bit before bedtime can bring on such relaxation that getting to sleep will just occur naturally. 

CBD May Also Offer Pain Relief

There are many people, especially those on the older side, that find it difficult to sleep because of the pain they are constantly in. Old age or a bothersome injury has finally caught up to them and now something as simple as falling to sleep has been made harder because of the torment of being in physical agony. 

CBD can be of assistance with this sleeping problem as well. If you would like to experience pain relief, CBD could be your solution. Not only can you take it orally to decrease inflammation, but you can also use a cream or oil to rub on the skin to make the specific area cease from hurting. Sleeping will be much easier without the throbbing of constant pain!

A Natural Solution

If you bring up your sleep difficulties to a doctor, they may recommend a couple of possible prescriptions they can write. However, rather than turning to a medication with chemicals you can’t even begin to pronounce that can have major side effects, CBD is a natural solution that grows in nature. 

Find the Right Dosage

Rather than jump in head first and start taking 100 mg of CBD an hour or two before heading to bed, you should really attempt to find the right dosage needed. After all, some people are fine with taking just 10 - 25 mg of CBD as even a small dose could lead to desirable results.

If you want to figure out the correct dosage in a practical way, approach it scientifically. For instance, it takes a bit for any drug or supplement to make its way properly into your system. Because of this, start off with about 20 mg of CBD for a few days and wait and see if you can tell a difference when bedtime arrives. If you are not getting the results you want, increase it 5 mg at a time and then proceed from there accordingly. 

Pick and Choose the Right Delivery Method

When CBD first arrived on the scene, there were not a lot of options to choose from when speaking about the differing delivery methods of getting the medication into the body. Now you have a lot of options on your hands!

If you would like something that kicks in immediately, tinctures and sublingual sprays are said to act quickly. This could be convenient for someone that can’t turn off their mind long enough for sleep to occur. Subsequently, edibles and oils are more of a slow-release and could assist you in staying asleep throughout the night. 

Furthermore, there are lotions, balms, and creams you can rub on your body before bed that will hydrate the skin and also introduce CBD as a topical as it gets absorbed through the skin. Another method that sounds enticing is using a CBD bath bomb every night before bed as you soak in the rub and relax in the warm water and dim lights. The pleasant smell alone of the CBD bath bomb could lead you into a world of relaxation and have you ready to nod off. 

Using an all-natural product such as CBD to cure your insomnia should definitely be one of your first options to consider before contemplating taking prescription and non-prescription medications with major side effects.