CBD Could Be Your Solution For Worrisome Mental Health Issues

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CBD Could Be Your Solution For Worrisome Mental Health Issues

Mental health is nothing to ignore. The longer a person goes without addressing the issues, the worse the situation can become. Whether a person has been experiencing problems that have lasted for years or just come out of the blue every now and then, they need to be confronted. While it is true that everyone experiences depression or anxiety now and then in their life, the dilemma comes when it happens way too often or never seems to leave you alone. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects more than 40 million people in the United States every year. Yet, only about 37 percent of people seek out treatment for the issue. It can be tough to manage daily life when grappling with anxiousness around every corner. Furthermore, about half of those eventually diagnosed with anxiety are also diagnosed with depression. 

A troubling statistic presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention states that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. On average, in America, there are 132 suicides every day. In addition, there are about 3,000 attempted suicides every day that do not, thankfully, prove successful. The majority of the suicide attempts come from teens, young adults, and the elderly. And women are three times more likely to attempt suicide but men are much more likely to complete the act as they often choose such a way that there is no coming back from. 

The Problem With Seeking Help

The numbers show that most people are not comfortable talking to a medical professional about their problems with anxiety or depression. It is an uncomfortable discussion to have. Many of these people have gone their whole lives trying their best to hide troubling mental health issues, so sitting down and talking to a doctor about it can be difficult. They often express that they feel like a failure or inadequate because they cannot conquer the problem on their own. 

In addition, while a medical professional may recommend talking to a therapist of some sort, they most likely will just go ahead and write out a prescription of one of the more popular medications on the market. This will result in a few doctor visits and even if your health insurance provider is a good one, some serious money. The last thing someone wants to deal with that is having anxiety and depression issues is a serious drain on their bank account. 

Plus, there is a good percentage of people that just do not like how the medication makes them feel. There are those that complain of feeling sluggish, exhausted, and having to deal with a weight gain in the process. 

CBD Could Be a Better Solution Than Prescription Medication

CBD is being considered a great possible natural alternative for depression and anxiety to those sometimes unfavorable prescription medications. Furthermore, there is promising research and studies that have been conducted that detailed the positive results from treating depression in animals with CBD, but there is limited research up to this point on humans

Still, often low serotonin levels are linked with depression, stress, and anxiety. CBD has demonstrated properties to get these levels back on board with where they need to be through the brain’s chemical receptors.

In addition, prescription medications often take weeks to work and require constant maintenance. A 2019 study conducted on animals showed that CBD could be fast-acting when treating depression. Basically, it indicates you won’t have to wait a month or more for results. 

If anxiety is more what is troubling you, there is plenty of research about how CBD can lower nervousness and uneasiness in specific situations and consistent everyday life.  

Moreover, there are fewer side effects associated with CBD than the prescription medications with the ingredients that are almost impossible to pronounce. CBD comes from the cannabis plant in nature and this plant has been used to treat numerous conditions for centuries without exhibiting any real major side effects. 

Additionally, CBD is available all without a prescription and easy to purchase over the counter or online. There is no need to have that uncomfortable and expensive talk with your doctor. You could be trying CBD out today instead of waiting to make an appointment with your medical professional for weeks in the future. When dealing with mental health issues, the sooner you address the problem, the better the outcome usually is. 

Change Your Lifestyle Along With CBD

If a person is truly interested in addressing any problems they are having with stress, anxiety, or depression, there are other things they can do as well as taking CBD. Eliminating alcohol and nicotine from their lives is a good start as they can lead to depression and anxiety. Exercise can also ensure that all the proper endorphins are firing away in the brain for the best mental health possible. Furthermore, being able to sit down and communicate with friends and family effectively can make all the difference in the world.