CBD Oil Is Not Working For Me - What Could Be The Possible Reasons?

CBD Oil Is Not Working For Me - What Could Be The Possible Reasons?

Natural products are a safe bet for all of us as they have no side effects that hamper body functions in the long run. Another reason to try nature's bounties is that they target the root cause instead of suppressing health issues to gain temporary peace.

CBD Oil and how it works? 

CBD is becoming popular as it offers numerous health benefits without any long-term side effects. If you have tried this cannabidiol from organic and potent hemp plants, you must have felt the stimulation and energizing effects. Our body produces cannabinoids but in insufficient quantity.

CBD, the wonder cannabinoid, can reinforce the impact of cannabinoid presence by stimulating the neuro-receptors of the endocannabinoid system in our body. This interaction results in better organ function and more energy to heal muscles, improve moods, and create a sense of positivity. What if CBD doesn't work for you? What could be the possible reason? IS CBD hype a scam? If you have asked yourself these questions, read on and find out what may be going wrong!

Possible reasons why CBD isn't working for you

When you use any organic product, there can be numerous reasons you don't feel the effects that other people may be feeling. We have listed many of the reasons that impact the results of CBD


The quality of CBD products plays an integral role in determining the effects. A healthy hemp plant from the plantations in the United States under the supervision of expert teams. The harvesting teams ensure that the plants grow naturally without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Apart from the purity and quality of the raw materials, the processing steps must be clear, clean, and meticulously completed to ensure that the fresh cannabidiol product is effective.

If you use defective products, the results will not be as effective as when you use fresh, hygienic, and potent products from authentic sources. Look for third-party laboratory tests, follow customer reviews and choose a well-known and popular brand!

Strength and dosage

The CBD oils, tinctures, salves, creams, and all other products come in various strengths. The amount of CBD packed per milliliter of oil or CBD in each soft gel or gummies determines how quickly and effectively the product works. If you consume CBD oil with 25mg CBD in one milliliter of oil, the result will not be as strong as when you use CBD Oil with 50mg per milliliter. 

Choose the suitable CBD Oil with significant potency and regulate your dosage according to your body needs. Usually, people use CBD Oil with a dropper and take one milliliter of oil sublingually for better moods, reduced anxiety, and more relaxation for many hours!

Users must start using CBD with a small dose and gradually build up to enjoy maximum effects. The consumption that gets you to reach the spot where the results are excellent that is your dose! A daily dose will ensure that there is CBD in your system, which works for the best results!

Genetics and metabolism

CBD is famous, but it is not for everyone! This natural substance is not a miracle drug that can work on anyone to give the exact results. The absorption of CBD in the body depends on several factors, such as metabolism and genetics. The endocannabinoid system in users reacts to the cannabinoids differently, so the results are not the same. 

Types of CBD

What types of CBD products are you using? There are numerous types of CBD products, such as Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and CBD isolates in the form of oil, gummies, and other products.

Full-Spectrum CBD is rich in other cannabinoids as well, and the entourage effect of hemp is such that each component of the product collaborates to enhance the results.

Broad-Spectrum has a wide variety of cannabinoids and can be a great way to consume CBD too. CBD isolates are 100% pure CBD, without any other cannabinoid. Choose a different CBD product if the present one is not giving you the results you wanted to experience.

You might need a new delivery system!

These days CBD products are innovative and exciting. From coffee, hot cocoa, chocolate to shampoos, creams, and bath salts, everything has CBD! Maybe it is time for you to change the product you consume so that your body gets a new delivery system of CBD!

The bioavailability of CBD is an essential feature and if you feel that you don't see the required results, try a product that engages a new delivery system. For example, if gummies release CBD in the bloodstream after digestion, taking CBD Oil sublingually will ensure faster absorption! You can try topical or vaporizers with CBD to try consuming CBD through the skin or lungs, respectively.

Entourage effect 

As explained earlier, the CBD product you use has other components such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids in varying quantities. These components work as a team to bring about various effects in individuals. The collaborative work of all these components is the entourage effect.

Some cannabinoids enhance the results by supporting CBD, and other components improve the aroma and flavor to create an experience that refreshes your senses. The entourage effect of each product must suit the user, and if you cannot see CBD working for you, it is time to try another product!

High expectations

When we hear about the effects of CBD, we instantly believe it can do a lot for us too! These expectations can make us impatient, and often we get disappointed when CBD does not deliver all the magical things that people claim. The truth is that CBD works for all, but due to our high expectations, we criticize the results if the effects were not instant or if the energy levels did not skyrocket! CBD is a natural substance, and the results are also a natural pace.


CBD products available in the market are popular due to their numerous health benefits. However, cannabidiol is not a magical substance and may not work for some people. We discussed the reasons why CBD might not be working for you. When you check all these reasons, you will find the best product that suits you for the most effective and refreshing experience!