How Long Does It Take For CBD To Start Working?

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Start Working?

Before discussing how long CBD takes to work, we need to understand what this substance is and how various factors can impact the onset of the effects. Many users say that CBD gets absorbed into the bloodstream within a few minutes of consumption. However, other users have reported that according to the method of consumption, the effects are felt anytime between few minutes to few hours!

Onset of CBD 

The time it takes CBD to impact the body is called the 'onset.' As CBD enters the body, it takes some time to absorb into the bloodstream and then enter the brain. The endocannabinoid system in our brain interacts with CBD and other cannabinoids, improving organ function.

Several factors impact the onset of CBD or the time it takes to affect the body.

Factors Impacting CBD Absorption

The various factors that play a crucial role in determining the time for CBD to act can vary with individuals. Every user is unique, and the body systems react differently to every factor that impacts the time it takes for CBD to start working. However, a general overview can help you understand how you use this herbal substance to ensure faster action!

Quality of CBD

All-natural substances show excellent results if they are fresh and potent. CBD is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant, and therefore, if this substance is not fresh or is not used in the purest form, it can have a subpar impact.

All CBD products are not equal as many brands available in the market are not regulated, and take advantage of it too! We all know that FDA does not approve or control CBD products, and many brands in the market sell low-standard products and get away with it! These low-quality products are not tested for efficacy and may contain contaminants, poor-quality oils, or other ingredients that make the impact of cannabidiol weak. The use of additives and the presence of impurities make your CBD product useless!

Moreover, the Full-Spectrum CBD products may also impact the effects and the time it takes for CBD to start working. Full-Spectrum CBD has more cannabinoids, and they all work in collaboration to speed up the results; therefore, the onset is quick. Many users believe CBD Isolates are the best way to consume cannabidiol, but the more cannabinoids in the product, the faster they all work!

Frequency of use

People who consume CBD regularly will have some amount of the substance in their bodies at all times. CBD starts working sooner when they consume the next dose, and the impact is more substantial too! For beginners, taking one dropper of 50 milligrams is an ideal dosage. This dose is called 'load dose' as taking larger servings than usual is an excellent way to introduce CBD into the body. After two or three load doses, even when you reduce the amount of CBD consumed, the results will be fantastic! This effect is due to the cannabidiol present in the body. Frequent use keeps your body reserves of CBD, and as you consume some more, it all activates to give you an excellent result!


Gender, weight, health, and metabolism are individual qualities that impact CBD's time to start working. The bioavailability of CBD is the amount of cannabidiol available for absorption. Various biological factors such as body weight impact bioavailability. If you weigh less, there is a chance that CBD will not stay in the body for long. However, since CBD is fat-soluble and blends well with lipids, people with higher body fat content will notice quick action after consuming CBD as it gets stored in the body.

Method of Intake

While the dosage of cannabinoids plays an integral part in determining the time CBD takes to start working in the body, the method of consumption is equally important. The various ways of using CBD are inhalation, sublingual application, topical use, and oral use. As you inhale the vapors of CBD, the lungs introduce this herbal substance into the bloodstream almost instantly. This method takes the least amount of time, but many other ways have an excellent onset.

Sublingual application allows absorption of CBD into the mouth, and as the CBD product digests, the substance enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain within minutes. Oral use like eating gummies or drinking this herbal substance in smoothies gets cannabidiol into the bloodstream within a short time of the digestion process. Similarly, topical use helps absorption through the skin and into the bloodstream.

How fast does CBD Oil Work?

 CBD Oil is by far the most popular product and can be used in numerous ways. The time that CBD takes to act, from the time you consume it to the time it starts showing impact, is determined by the concentration of CBD Oil you consume.

You can find CBD Oil in various potencies like 250milligram, 500milligram, and 750 milligrams in a 30 or 60-millilitre jar. This concentration implies that cannabidiol content is high and will impact the user accordingly. If you consume the 750mg CBD Oil in the dropper of one-millilitre volume, the amount of CBD that enters your body is enough to impact within a few minutes!

The best method for fast action

The fastest method of consumption for the quick action of CBD is vaping or inhalation. As we inhale, the vapors enter our lungs, and through the pulmonary circulation system, cannabidiol enters the bloodstream within seconds. This method is quick as the onset of CBD is only for a few moments, and then you feel stimulated and refreshed. However, some users may find it more comforting and easy to consume CBD orally or sublingually. We always recommend users consume CBD in a way that suits them and gives them a good feeling.


CBD onset is the time it takes to start working in the body. The onset of CBD depends on numerous factors such as weight, method of use, concentration, quality, and frequency of each dose. CBD is an excellent stimulant, and there are ways that you can enhance its efficacy and onset by selecting a fast absorption method or choosing the right concentration!