Microdosing CBD - Is It More Effective Than Normal Dose?

Microdosing CBD - Is It More Effective Than Normal Dose?

CBD dosage is individualized. This statement means that each user will benefit from a different dosage of cannabidiol. You might feel that you and a friend may have similar reasons for using CBD, but the impact on each individual is different. So then, what is the correct dose of CBD for you? What is microdosing?

Microdosing CBD

Microdosing means consuming CBD in small quantities throughout the day. Spreading your daily intake over the hours of the day can help prolong the effects, better impact, and a more positive daily routine!

You may have heard that eating five smaller meals throughout the day is better than two or three large meals as the energy level stays high and your blood sugar levels are maintained. Similarly, a consistent intake of cannabidiol throughout the day can be more beneficial than one hefty dose. If you are new to this concept, read on to see how microdosing can benefit you! 

How do I Microdose CBD? Best Way to Microdose

The first step in microdosing is determining the optimum CBD dosage for you. If you require 20mg of pure cannabidiol in 24 hours, you will need to determine how far apart you should maintain the microdose according to the number of wakeful hours per day!

If a person requires 20mg of CBD and stays awake for 16 hours maximum, the ideal gap between each dose will be three hours. You can consume four grams of CBD after every three hours. This will give you a schedule as follows:


  • Wakeup: 8 am.
  • The first dose of 4mg: 9 am,
  • Second dose: 12noon,
  • Third dose: 3 pm,
  • Fourth dose: 7 pm,
  • Final dose: 10pm.


This way, you will keep the intake of cannabidiol constant, and the impact of this fantastic botanical will be consistent. If you consume more CBD per day, you can adjust it in five doses to keep your daily intake in check.

However, measuring the smaller doses can be challenging since most of us do not have precision measurement tools. The best way to measure smaller amounts of liquids is to buy a calibrated dropper to make it easier to calculate an exact amount. If you cannot find such a dropper, mark five dots at equal distance on the dropper you use currently. The daily dosage of one dropper will be divided into five equal parts by measuring a dose till the dot only!

Another challenge of microdosing is to remember how many doses you consumed. Some users set alarms on their phones so that they do not miss the time and if that doesn’t help, write it out in a journal! Keeping a journal will help observe how you feel, and maybe if you need to narrow down the dosage or span them out, you can make the changes.

Benefits of Microdosing CBD

Microdosing has numerous benefits:

Long-lasting effects

When the cannabidiol level in your body is constant, the impact of this botanical substance will remain strong. You will not feel low in energy or stimulation because of the replenishment you get every few hours.

Subtle effects

When you consume 20mg of CBD in one go, the body boost cannabidiol, and the instant changes may be too much to handle. Microdosing is great for beginners as it slowly introduces your body to better energy levels and a better outlook.

Consistent results

When you consume a dose every few hours, the subtle effects stay constant, and you feel the goodness of cannabidiol all through the day. Consuming a significant amount in one go may waste some cannabidiol quantities, which is not desirable.

Is Microdosing a Long term Solution?

It is essential to mention that microdosing is not the most effective solution to inconsistent results for CBD users. You can consume cannabidiol in numerous ways to gain full therapeutic effects. However, microdosing does have the potential to be one of the best ways of consuming this cannabinoid. Once you know the right amount to be taken during a day, you can divide it into many small doses, beginning from a two-way split and going up to more.

If you require more CBD per day, it may be time to re-evaluate your daily consumption to feel the best results.

How to Find your Ideal CBD Microdosing Dose?

As we mentioned earlier, your daily microdoses may need to be re-evaluated. Similarly, you may not feel the maximum effects of CBD microdosing if the evaluated dosage to be consumed per day is not accurate. How can you find your ideal CBD microdose? Each of us has a particular dosage owing to metabolism, body fat percentage, genetics, and many other specifications.

The best way to determine the ideal CBD dose is to go low and start with a minimum amount. You can begin with one milligram every three hours for a day. Gradually build up the dosage until you reach the maximum effects of stimulation, motivation, and positivity! The dose that gives you the best results is your ideal microdose of CBD.

Is Microdosing CBD More Effective Than Normal Dose?

Microdosing can be more effective in the long run as you ingest a certain amount of cannabidiol after a few hours. We all have been hearing that CBD in the morning can refresh your senses or that CBD at night can help you unwind. However, taking CBD throughout the day is better as you feel the effects of this botanical consistently!

Cannabidiol interacts with the receptors in the brain, and in turn, our body functions begin to improve. This cannabinoid reaches the receptors after digestion.

If you consume 20mg of cannabidiol in one go, some of it gets absorbed in the mouth, some in the stomach, and the rest is waiting to be absorbed but passes on into the intestines and may be wasted during digestion. This means that the amount that impacts your body systems is much lesser than 20mg. However, if you consume a small amount of cannabidiol, it gets absorbed in the mouth cavity and stomach, and no extra amount is waiting to be absorbed!

When you take a smaller amount after a regular interval, the amount of cannabinoids in the body is enough to be utilized and not wasted. The result is a good energy level for a longer period!


Microdosing means taking smaller doses of CBD instead of one large dose as it keeps the effects equally divided throughout the day!
Users prefer microdosing as their body and mind remain energized and stress-free for more extended periods without overdosing on this botanical. You need to divide your daily dose into smaller amounts and consume it over a 12-hour day.