Taking CBD For The First Time? You Should Know This

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Taking CBD For The First Time? You Should Know This

Everywhere you go, CBD follows! In recent years we have seen a boom in the CBD industry that has gotten every consumer item on the shelf to join! You can buy CBD creams, face wipes, gels, gummies, and your pets can enjoy it too! The question is, is CBD that good that every person is using it? The truth is that we still don’t know much about CBD as there is limited scientific research. However, we do understand that it can stimulate the senses and improve health. Despite the popularity of CBD, FDA does not approve any health claims from cannabidiol manufacturers. So, where does that leave potential users?

If you are a new user or considering CBD, here are a few things you must know before you begin!

Know CBD and how it works in the body? 

CBD is a cannabinoid, which is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant. Our body also produces cannabinoids, but they are in small quantities. CBD is present in the hemp plant in high amounts. Another cannabinoid, THC, is responsible for making users feel ‘high,’ but CBD has no such impact. The hemp plant has a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%) while CBD is abundant, and therefore, it works great for all!

When you consume CBD, it enters the bloodstream and reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. This reaction brings about the regulation of organ function, which can improve physical strength, active body, an alert mind!

When you consume CBD regularly, it keeps your body energized while the organs function well to keep your moods better.

Which CBD product should I start with?

There is no standard dosage or consumption timing for CBD. Still, there are many ways to maximize the efficacy of cannabidiol by finding the delivery method that suits you most individually. The most common methods of taking CBD are: 

CBD Oils

This oil comes in a small jar with a dropper cap. You can take the oil sublingually-giving it enough time to stay there so that the tongue and mouth absorb some of it. Some oils come in a sprayer that you can use in the mouth to increase absorption. Many users are not crazy about the organic taste and prefer a more tasteless experience.

CBD capsules or soft gels

This method of consumption is tasteless and hence loved by all! A pre-measured amount of CBD is packed in a shell so that you can swallow it with some water without feeling the bitterness or oily taste that CBD Oil possesses.

Topical CBD

By far, the most creative ways of using CBD are topical! Creams, lotions, wipes, gels, salves, and so many cosmetic items rich in CBD can stimulate your nerves while giving you moisturized skin and a healthy glow. If you are looking for a localized solution to a sore muscle, topical CBD cream is the best way to instant relief!


It is refreshing to see people try CBD in their favorite foods. Savories and desserts rich in CBD are a great idea as this cannabinoid is fat-soluble and can blend well in cheesy pasta and energizing smoothies.


Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the United States! Since the Hemp Farm Act of 2018, the cannabis industry has taken an enormous step, and there is no looking back. You can grow, possess, sell or buy CBD products everywhere. Hemp-based products have become common since their legality. Although the FDA does not regulate CBD products, you can find them at the nearest supermarket, health store, or café!

It is essential to mention that cannabis has various types, such as hemp and marijuana. Hemp products are legal in the United States, but marijuana-based products are illegal in some states.

Even though the Farm Bill legalized CBD, users must beware of a few things to ensure they consume only the best products! The safest products are from manufacturers that reveal the manufacturing date so you can pick the freshest item! Moreover, the laboratory testing and packaging of the CBD product ensures that there is no harmful ingredient or that there is no contamination. Be sure to find the best vendor for CBD, as freshness and potency have top marks!

Know the difference between hemp, cannabis, and CBD

For beginners, the terms hemp, cannabis, and marijuana can be confusing. Cannabis is a plant that has various sub-species, such as marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has high THC, which can give you a ‘high,’ but hemp has negligible amounts of THC, making it an ideal choice to enjoy CBD without any unwanted high feeling!

CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and is present in hemp and marijuana species. However, the amount of CBD in hemp is the highest. Due to the low THC and high CBD, hemp becomes the safest and most beneficial type of cannabis to consume.

What should you feel when you take CBD?

Many users say that CBD has a calming effect. They feel as if their mind and body relaxed after using CBD. While invigorating the senses, it eases out the nervous system, giving users a calm and satisfied feeling.

The various CBD products will have unique effects due to the other ingredients that may be adding to the effects of CBD. For example, if you use CBD coffee in the morning, the calming impact of CBD will blend with the alertness of caffeine, and you will feel in control, awake, and ready for the day! Similarly, CBD capsules for better sleep may be infused with chamomile or Melatonin, which will give you a peaceful night’s sleep!

How long does CBD stay in the system?

The time that CBD stays in the system varies with individuals. The factors impacting this time are weight and genetics. However, the frequency of CBD intake will also affect the time it stays in your body. If you use CBD regularly, it gets stored in the body, and you can feel the calm energy for longer. However, if you use CBD one day and then don’t consume it for another week-the result for your dose will be shorter.

Individual's metabolism and body weight also determine the time that CBD stays in your system, so each individual has a different result. If you work in an environment where drug testing is a must, be sure to use CBD three days before the test. While CBD is not psychoactive or does not act like a drug, the cannabinoids in your full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products may show a false positive. Be wary of these CBD products, and stick to a CBD Isolate that has no other cannabinoid to disrupt the results.


CBD products are gaining popularity by the day, and if you have decided to give them a try, there are some things you must know! We listed all the information that one must have before indulging in the CBD experience. The time it stays in the system, the types of products, and the legal status of CBD are essential factors to consider before you start the CBD experience!