The CBD Low Down: Facts vs Myths

The CBD Low Down: Facts vs Myths

With CBD seemingly being offered around every corner nowadays, you must shop wisely. Not all CBD companies are equal. In fact, some are quite questionable in what they are offering. In addition, know the truth about CBD and what it can do for you as there are many myths floating around out there by people who are offering them up as facts. 

As a way to set the record straight, here are some of the more popular and repeated facts and myths about CBD. 

Myth: CBD Will Get You High

There are numerous people that avoid taking CBD because they mistakenly believe it will get them high. The ingredient in marijuana that provides the intoxicating effect is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

There are basically three types of CBD that people use. We have isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. Out of all of these, full spectrum is the only one that contains a very minuscule amount of THC. Definitely not enough to get high. So if you are avoiding taking CBD because you believe it will have you feeling stoned for the rest of the day, it will not. Go ahead and see what CBD will do for you. 

Fact: CBD Could Perhaps Cause You to Fail a Drug Test

Drug tests that are searching for marijuana use are actually looking for increased THC levels. If you are using either isolate CBD or broad spectrum, you should be fine. However, full spectrum could raise your THC level a bit so it may show up as a positive for marijuana on a drug test. But if this ever does happen, you can refute the original test and ask for a better-designed drug test that will be able to tell the difference between marijuana use and CBD use. 

Fact: You Can Be Arrested for CBD in Some States

It may sound preposterous, but in a few states, you can still be arrested for CBD even if it does not contain THC. You should research your state to determine the legalities before you start ordering CBD online

In addition, if the CBD does contain THC and recreational marijuana use is illegal in the state you are in, you could be finding yourself in the clink later on. Like in this case, when a great-grandmother was arrested at Disney World for a doctor recommended CBD oil when her CBD product was tested for THC during a bag check. While it said on the label there was no THC in the product, it did actually test positive. A great-grandma who was there to experience Mickey Mouse instead experienced prison life. The charges were later dropped, but the damage was done. Try to explain to the grandkids why their grandma was taken away in a police car!

Fact: CBD Does Work

There are those uninformed people that like to speak without an ounce of actual knowledge on what they are speaking about. (This may sound like every in-law you have ever met.) If you hear someone saying CBD is just a placebo that the public is buying into, you can refute them with hard facts. There have been countless studies performed on how CBD has helped with anxiety, pain, depression, sickness, insomnia, seizures, and much more. Just because CBD is not being operated by big pharma doesn’t mean that it can’t provide amazing results. Plus, with it being all-natural, people are more likely going to trust it than prescription drugs that can’t even be pronounced. 

Myth: CBD Has No Side Effects

There are basically side effects listed for every consumable nowadays. Nothing is entirely side effect free. As an example, check out what the side effects are with your daily vitamins sometime. With this said, although there are no serious side effects reported with CBD use, the most common reported is sleepiness. 

Myth: CBD Can Cure Everything

If you have a CBD company saying that it can cure everything under the sun, then you should look for a new supplier. Back in the past, these kinds of people were called snake oil salesmen and would travel town to town promoting an elixir as a cure-all for every ailment. There have been websites that declare CBD can cure cancer. While there is no proof of this, and it would be a great thing if it did, CBD can help with nausea and other symptoms associated with cancer and cancer treatments. CBD may be very beneficial for many issues, however it is not a cure all. 

Fact: There Are Numerous Ways You Can Take CBD

Most of the time you only hear about CBD oil, but there are other ways you can get CBD into your body. Besides oil, there are ointments and cream, edibles, capsules, vaping, and transdermal patches. Though, oil may be the most popular way as people can just put a couple of drops under the tongue and forget about it. If you wanted, you could even mix the oil in with your favorite food or drink. Quick and easy is the name of the game when it comes to medicines and supplements. 

Fact: CBD Can Come From Hemp or Marijuana

CBD can come from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. But keep in mind that hemp usually has higher levels of CBD than marijuana. On the other hand, marijuana will have much higher levels of THC. 

Myth: More Is Better

It seems there are always those that want to push the envelope when it comes down to taking medicine or supplements. Instead of going with the dose that will work just fine, there are people that mistakenly believe more is better. However, don’t think CBD at a higher dose will provide you even more benefits than CBD will at a conservative dose. The general rule is to start with a low to moderate dose and add more if needed until you find what works best for you.