What Does CBD Oil Taste Like? How To Mask Taste Of CBD Effectively?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like? How To Mask Taste Of CBD Effectively?

Everyone looks forward to the daily dose of CBD due to the health benefits it holds. However, the taste of this herbal oil does not appeal to the majority. But that does not mean you don’t consume it! We will discuss the taste and how users can cover it up if they do not want to experience it as a daily task!

CBD Oil and the distinct taste

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the components of the hemp plant. It is available in many forms, including CBD Oil, which can be ingested by leaving it under the tongue for a minute and then swallowing. This oil tastes earthy and has an oily aroma. However, the aftertaste is earthy. Many people do not find it very pleasant, and the earthy and nutty nature of the aroma and taste give CBD Oil a strange characteristic that some may like, but if you say you find it unpleasant, one can understand!

 Why does some CBD oil taste bad?

All plants have a distinct nature, including taste. Hemp is not a fruit, neither is it a delicious vegetable that will appeal to the Epicurean nature of users! CBD Oil has a slightly earthy flavor which cannot be called bitter, so many people accept it. However, many think that the oil has a dense smell and flavor that they dislike.

CBD Oil is made from cannabidiol extracted from stems, leaves, flowers and preserves the natural compounds to give it its flavor. This flavor testifies that the CBD Oil you are using is pure; otherwise, there can be many artificial flavors and defective components that might make the oil taste better but have zero effects!

Moreover, CBD is made by adding cannabidiol to edible oil. Therefore, we can say that the unpleasant taste is of the edible oil and not CBD. The earthy and nutty taste and aroma associated with CBD can be fine, but the composition of CBD Oils becomes different, and that is why each brand of this oil has a different taste.

Are terpenes responsible for CBD Oil taste?

Terpenes are the chemical compounds found in plants and give them a distinct aroma and flavor. In the hemp plant, terpenes are high and give this plant its distinct smell and taste. There are hundreds of different terpenes present in the hemp plant. Considering that each terpene has its aroma and flavor, the cumulative impact in each plant is different-hence the taste of each plant varies. The individual components of each hemp plant contribute to the effects as some strains can be energizing, and other cannabis strains may be more relaxing. All the components of hemp and cannabis add up to the effects and taste.

We can say that the number of terpenes and the presence of various terpenes can determine each CBD product's taste, aroma, and effect.

How does carrier oil impact taste?

The CBD oils available in the market are made by adding CBD-rich extract to a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. The overall taste profile of CBD Oil is impacted by the carrier oil that is used in the preparation. The CBD-rich extract is from the various parts of the plants, but the extract is almost tasteless after refinement and processing. If the CBD oil you buy is of broad-spectrum CBD, then it has all the terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids that contribute to the flavor.

Carrier oil adds to this extract by giving it the distinct flavor of what they are made of. The subtle tropical flavor of coconut oil will give your CBD Oil product a nutty taste. Similarly, olive oil gives an earthy tone to the final flavor of CBD Oil.

Best ways to mask the flavor 

Every individual has taste preferences, and there are many ways to mask the flavor of your CBD oil to suit your taste buds. Here are some practical ways to change the taste of CBD Oil:

  • Eat gummies! We all love some sweet and tangy flavor in our life! CBD Gummies are an excellent way to get the most out of the natural goodness of cannabidiol. Add a bonus to your life by trying out some berry-flavored or citrusy gummies.
  • Use CBD Isolates Products can be extracted from the hemp plant isolated from the other cannabinoids. This makes the isolate flavorless and more manageable for people who prefer a tasteless dose.
  • E-Liquids with your CBD additives can be an excellent way of introducing CBD in your daily routine. Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking, and taking CBD through a vaporizer is an effective way of consuming cannabidiol with the exciting flavors offered in e-liquids.
  • Brush your teeth! Yes! When you consume CBD Oil after brushing your teeth, the flavor will be masked, and you will not get the unpleasant oily aftertaste. The increased circulation in the tongue from brushing might add to the absorption process, and the effects will be amazing too!
  • CBD Skincare is another effective way to avoid the taste of CBD Oil. Topical products are available in abundance, and you can benefit from the best of them while also working on your skin quality.
  • Use CBD Oil with juices or smoothies or any edible that you like. CBD Oil can be used as a part of your favorite beverage or food so that you benefit from it while the earthy and nutty taste gets masked very well.
  • Other methods of masking the flavor are to hold your nose while consuming or use mints with the oil. Many people prefer the flavored products available in the market. Users can also eat candy immediately after taking the oil for a sweet aftertaste.


CBD Oil gets its taste because of the various components of the hemp plant. The CBD-rich extracts may be flavorless, but the carrier oil mixed with them gives the product a distinct taste. There are numerous ways of masking the taste of CBD Oil which includes using various methods of consumption. Moreover, there are some tips and tricks to avoid the nutty, earthy aftertaste. We have discussed many ways for you to mask the taste of CBD Oil in practical ways.