What Is Cannabichromene (CBC)? - Meet This New Cannabinoid


What Is Cannabichromene (CBC)? - Meet This New Cannabinoid

While other cannabinoids like CBD and THC gather most of the limelight, Cannabichromene is not far behind! You may say that this cannabinoid is the third prominent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. If you look past CBD and THC, you will find CBC very beneficial in its unique ways!

What is CBC?

CBC is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and is similar to other naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG. We will review this component of the hemp plant in detail so that you understand how this component can help you. CBD and CBC were discovered in 1966, and both these cannabinoids come from the same base and have many things in common.

How is it made?

The parent cannabinoid for CBC is CBG. Like all other cannabinoids, CBC is made from the CBGA acidic base and is found in significant quantities in the leaves and flowers of mature hemp plants. The chemical composition of CBC is similar to CBD, and it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the brain. CBC is non-psychoactive, which adds to its popularity and affinity to CBD.

What makes CBC different from other cannabinoids?

Cannabichromene or CBC comes from the hemp plant like other cannabinoids, but it behaves differently in the body. The chemical structure of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and all other cannabinoids vary, and this causes them to interact distinctively. We know that THC bonds with different receptors and brings about psychoactive effects. CBC bonds with various receptors, and as a result, the brain signals glands to secrete enzymes. Moreover, CBC increases the level of cannabinoids produced by the human body. Anandamide production improves with CBC, and it is related to happy feelings.

CBC can bring about a few changes in the body independently, but it produces more substantial results when used with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the hemp plant. The combined effect of all these components is called the Entourage Effect. The synergistic work of CBC with other components produces profound results, and you feel more upbeat!

How will it make you feel?

CBC is present in numerous products, and the effects are always positive. Whenever you turn to any natural substance, it gives you good results, such as more energy and a refreshing start to the day! CBC and CBD are similar, which means that they also revitalize the body like CBD. When you consume CBC, it interacts with the receptors and brings about a few changes in the hormonal balance and organ function to refresh the senses.

However, the impact of every cannabinoid varies with individuals. One cannot generalize how CBC will make you feel as some factors determine the impact of this botanical substance. First of all, your body systems, metabolism, the concentration of CBC in the product you use, and the dosage of CBC contribute to the final results! Another factor that impacts how CBC makes you feel is how regularly you consume it.

Types of CBC products

CBC is still a new cannabinoid, and there are not many manufacturers that make CBC products. However, with time scientists are developing CBC-dominant hemp plants so that we may see some changes soon! Even now, you can find CBC-heavy tinctures, hemp flowers, and concentrates on the shelves of some quality online shops or stores near you.

CBC Tinctures

One of the most common CBC-rich products is tinctures. This product is created by processing raw hemp several times and extracting CBC. The primary extraction is for CBD, used in capsules, soft gels, and other products. CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids are extracted in lesser quantities but used to make tinctures and oils. You can find CBC tinctures from leading online stores in different potencies.

The dosage of CBC tinctures is similar to CBD oils or tinctures, and the results will be similar too.

Hemp Flower

An excellent source of CBC is the hemp flower, which is naturally rich in cannabinoids. While cannabis farmers are developing CBC-rich plants, you can suffice with the hemp flower as an excellent source of CBC. You can use this flower in various ways, such as vaporizers, oils, or adding it to food! Some strains of cannabis have a higher amount of CBC. You can try some online shops that sell CBC-rich hemp flowers with a higher amount of this cannabinoid and give you the stimulation and refreshing feeling you want.

CBC Concentrates

CBC concentrates are an exciting way to consume this cannabinoid as they are made with CBC isolates. You may have seen these concentrates in syringes at leading online stores or hemp product shops. CBC concentrates can be used in vaporizers, with food or beverages. With concentrates, you can be as creative as you like.

Is CBC legal?

CBC is legal in most countries, and in America, we see a lot of manufacturers selling them too! The CBC products are from the hemp plant, which is 100% legal due to low THC levels. The marijuana plant has various types, and each of them has a particular composition. The amount of CBC is different in each strain, and the hemp plant takes the lead in CBD and CBC quantity. If you use hemp flower or CBC isolates, they are made from the hemp plant stimulating users for years!


CBC is a prominent cannabinoid that has many positive results when used regularly. You can find quality products at leading online stores and shops near you. CBC is legal in America, and the hemp products in the market can give you some excellent ways to consume this herbal substance.