What Is The Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

What Is The Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

All organic substances perish over time, and like most good things in life, you have to let it go eventually! Shelf life is the time for which a product remains usable and potent. Many things can impact the shelf life of CBD oil, and we are going to tell you the best ways to preserve the oil and make it usable for as long as it lasts.

Factors impacting shelf life of CBD Oil

How long CBD Oil remains fresh can depend on a few factors, and if consumers understand them, they can store the products in better ways. You can stretch the shelf life by ensuring these factors:


Higher quality will translate to longer shelf life. Starting at the grass-root level, the plantation of hemp plants has to be according to the best farming practices. Hemp plants free from fertilizers, chemicals like pesticides, and good soil and air quality will yield potent and impactful CBD. Make sure to read about the parent plants of your favorite CBD products!


All CBD products have some ingredients, and their quality determines the shelf life of the CBD product in hand. CBD Oil is 100% pure CBD mixed in olive oil or any other oil. If the carrier oil is not the best quality, it will change taste, color, and efficacy over time. Many CBD products are flavored. For example, there is mint-flavored CBD Oil readily available in the market. If the manufacturer uses a subpar flavoring agent, the CBD Oil will become stale sooner than you thought! The shelf life of the flavoring or carrier oil can determine the shelf life of the CBD Oil! Make sure to read the certificate of analysis to choose a product that has the best ingredients that complement the high-quality CBD.

Extraction method 

The CO2 method is best for extracting pure CBD from the hemp plant. The level of CBD maximizes when this method is applied, and other cannabinoids are also present in the resulting extraction, giving you full benefits of full-spectrum CBD. This extraction method keeps all the compounds stable so you can enjoy the results of stimulating cannabidiol.


If you thought the dark bottles and jars were just for style, here's some news for you! CBD Oil is packed in jars that keep it safe from light. The double-lock cap keeps the contents safe from moisture or other contaminants. The natural substances and organic compounds have to be packed in the best way to preserve the contents. With CBD Oil, manufacturers need to ensure that sunlight or environmental agents like dust or water do not enter the jar, making your oil product ineffective.


Lastly, if you keep the CBD Oil jar in the dark, cool place, the contents will remain fresh for longer. You can extend the potency and freshness of CBD over time if you store it in a safe and clean place. Heat is also a factor that impacts the efficacy of CBD. Ensure that your CBD product is not exposed to sunlight, heat, moisture and is in a clean place so that dust particles and insects cannot enter the container.

Does CBD oil expire?

The CBD Products come with an expiration date that can tell you the best consumption period to yield excellent results. But does CBD expire? Natural compounds might not die down or change the composition, but the way they are processed makes them change color, aroma, or taste over time. When this happens, the efficacy of the cannabinoids reduces, and the product is useless! However, thanks to the small packaging, you will likely finish the product before it expires. Here are a few pointers for you to see if the product is fit for use or not:

Foul smell

The aroma of CBD is nutty and oily, but if it goes bad, this smell turns foul, and it seems as if some plant has decayed in there!

Thickness changes

The consistency of CBD Oil will change over time. If the product absorbs dust or other impurities from the environment, the CBD oil will become thicker, and the color will change to a murkier shade. This dark and dense CBD oil is not fir for use!

Rancid taste

If you use CBD Oil with artificial flavoring, you might not feel it, but organic CBD tastes rancid and bitter-ish if it goes bad. Make sure to detect the changes in taste before you start consuming a stale product that can bring no benefits!

Will Expired CBD Oil make you sick?

Don't fret too much if you have consumed CBD Oil past the expiration date, as the organic substance will not make you sick. However, over time cannabinoids lose potency and degrade in quality. Expired CBD Oil will not make you ill, but it will not make you feel the therapeutic effects.

What is the shelf life of CBD Oil if stored appropriately?

If you follow the storage methods correctly, the shelf life of CBD can be up to one or two years! If you keep it in the dark, away from sunlight and heat, the cannabinoids remain active, and their composition does not change due to higher temperatures. Proper storage will also ensure that the product's efficacy is intact and you benefit from the active cannabinoids for longer. Please do not mix up the cloudy appearance of CBD Oil with dirt or contamination as when it is stored at a low temperature, and the oil thickens slightly. The appearance returns to normal within a few minutes at room temperature. 


CBD Oil is a natural product that can benefit users for a long time. However, to maintain the long shelf life of CBD, users must ensure a few factors about the products. Manufacturing, extraction, and packaging determine the quality of cannabinoids that impact the shelf life. In case you consume expired CBD Oil, the side effects will not be harmful but there will be no positive effect of the oil. Moreover, you can store the product in ways that it does not expire soon!