Why Should You Try THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)?

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Why Should You Try THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)?

A new day and a new cannabinoid to explore! With the increasing popularity of the hemp plant and its uses, we are getting to know all about the cannabinoids that bring about this change. There are more than a hundred cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and during the last 50 years, users and herbal enthusiasts focused on CBD and THC. Still, there are several other components of the plant that are significant.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV is a potent cannabinoid still waiting for attention!

What is THCV?

THCV is famous for stimulating and improving focus in users. This cannabinoid is found in hemp and marijuana variants of the cannabis plant. While some variations of the cannabis plant may possess more, the average quantity of THCV is less than 1%. African Sativa variations contain more THCV than their counterparts. Harvesters and industrial hemp producers are trying to create species with a higher percentage of THCV. Still, many believe that it is similar to THC, which is found abundantly in the plant.

What is the difference between THC and THCV?

THC is found in higher quantities in the marijuana plant, while reduced to 0.3% in hemp variation. Due to the psychoactive quality of this cannabinoid, people prefer products that have negligible amounts of THC.

THCV may sound like THC, but its impact is unique, and it is a refreshing cannabinoid. THCV is not as psychoactive as THC and has stimulating effects, and it has a wake-up quality that invigorates the senses. THCV's unique and attractive feature regulates the user's appetite, making it a phenomenal discovery for the weight loss industry! People buy dietary supplements, slimming teas, and various shakes and protein powders that promise weight loss, and this organic cannabinoid can do that when consumed in a small amount! This breakthrough discovery can turn the way people spend millions of money on regulating their eating habits.

THCV has fantastic effects as it ensures mental alertness and physical fitness. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, we may be seeing THCV products derived from variations designed to produce higher THCV quantities.

THC reacts with the CB1 receptor in the brain and stimulates the body for hunger. With the use of THC, people can feel an increase in their appetite, while THCV does the opposite. It suppresses hunger and makes individuals enjoy the energizing effect, so they don't feel low and hungry.

THCV products

While we look forward to developing hemp plants with a higher THCV content, we don't have many products made from THCV nowadays. The current hemp products have THCV in trace amounts. Since the interest in this cannabinoid is growing, we know that soon, we might be seeing shelves full of THCV capsules, soft gels, oils, and tinctures-but till then, we will have to suffice with some African strains that may be available at weed shops or online shops near you.

You can find the African Sativa strain from local vendors or online shops and enjoy the effects of THCV. If you are interested in the products that have higher THCV, here are a few ideas of the products that you can find near you:

THCV flower

These hybrid strains have higher content and are available in many places, but before you indulge in this purchase, be sure to know how you can use them! Strains like Red Congolese, Willie Nelson, and Durban Poison are rich in THCV and can give you the alertness, focus, and stimulation you desire. Other THCV flowers are Durban Cheese, Pineapple Purps, Doug's Varin, and Cherry Pie.

Many plant breeders are using these strains to blend and reproduce THCV-potent strains that users can enjoy for a higher concentration of the cannabinoid.

Concentrates and tinctures

While manufacturing CBD isolates, many cannabinoids remain behind, and THCV extracts are also from them. The THCV remains are enough in small amounts since a high volume of the hemp plant is turned into CBD isolates. THCV concentrates are not commonly found, but you can find oils or tinctures with a higher THCV than regular hemp oils.

Now that you know what strains have a higher THCV volume, you can make a concentrate or tincture by immersing one of the African Sativa strains in oil. Just like CBD enthusiasts create their oils and concentrate, you can create one that has THCV.

How to use THCV?

THCV use is not different from other cannabinoids. You can ingest the product or apply it to your skin just like you use the CBD products openly available in America through online stores, weed shops, and local stores that have hemp products.

The African variation of the cannabis Sativa plant has THCV in higher quantities, and you can find this strain at some shops. However, before you begin searching for this strain, look for a reliable vendor and be sure to check whether that strain is legal in your state or city. If you live in a state where recreational or medicinal cannabis is not allowed, it may become a problem!

What will users feel from pure THCV?

The stimulation and mental clarity from THCV is a good feeling for any of us! When users try this cannabinoid, it opens up their minds and gives better focus. All botanical substances are beneficial, and THCV is similar to the refreshing cannabinoids in the hemp plant. It will make users feel energetic and upbeat, ready for a lot of mental work while regulating hunger! The all-rounder effects include mental alertness and physical fitness over a long period of use.


THCV is a minor cannabinoid of the cannabis plant as it is found in minute quantities. However, work is being done to create strains that have a higher concentration of this cannabinoid. THCV sounds like THC but has different effects as it gives focus, alertness and stimulates the senses. The best feature of THCV is that it can regulate the appetite! Users can try this cannabinoid in various African cannabis strains that have a higher concentration of THCV.