Is CBD The Ultimate Energy Booster For Bodybuilders?

Is CBD The Ultimate Energy Booster For Bodybuilders?

In a world full of protein shakes, testosterone, and a wide variety of energy boosters, how does a small bottle of CBD Oil make its place? The answer is a definite yes! Nowadays, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are using CBD to build muscle and improve their fitness levels. The fitness industry has accepted this natural supplement as a beneficial substance because it helps energize users.

Eight reasons CBD is great for bodybuilders

For those seeking an edge in fitness routines and bodybuilding stamina, very few products are available to help their endeavor. CBD does not have scientific research to back many of the benefits users boast. However, the little evidence that is present suggests that CBD has numerous health benefits that can help in building stamina and muscle.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory

This quality of CBD ensures that users will feel a significant reduction in pain, heat, or swelling anywhere in the body. Inflammation compromises body functions such as the gut or even skin issues. When inflammation reduces or diminishes, the user feels healthy and can do some physical work.

Anxiety and stress relief

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is the ‘zen’ effect, which calms down the nerves without putting users to sleep! The energetic boost of positivity helps gym-goers as they can focus on their fitness routine without feeling tired, pulled down, or anxious. The heart rate increase and erratic sweating caused by stress also pull down work-out goals. With CBD use, fitness enthusiasts can reach their goals sooner than anxious and stressed-out fitness fanatics!

CBD may suppress appetite and improve digestion

During the long work-out hours, CBD users feel energetic, and hunger does not force them to leave the gym! Hunger is caused by many factors such as stress, anxiety, or gut health. CBD works on these disorders to liberate users from their urge to indulge in food! No more fries and cupcakes as your body feel at ease, and your appetite turns to normal.

CBD may Increases metabolism fat burn

The active compounds in CBD oil help increase the concentration of cellular mitochondria. This change boosts the metabolism and allows good digestion. Regular use of CBD also reduces lipogenesis, which causes fat production in the body.

CBD and muscle mass

With a surge of energy, gym-goers can work out for longer, and hence their muscle mass improves over time. Consistent hard work can help CBD users take the lead from the gym-goers who do not consume CBD. Once you become more consistent and can work for longer, the muscle mass improves drastically!

CBD and muscle soreness

With pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help reduce muscle soreness, which ensures that gym-goers can remain regular without taking breaks due to cramps! The consistent work, along with quick relief from muscle cramps, can be an excellent booster for bodybuilders.

Healing muscles

CBD helps organ function, leading to tissue repair and new cells to replace old and damaged ones. This generation of new cells adds to the positive mindset as the user feels motivated. Physically, the healing of muscles and fast recovery from injuries keeps bodybuilders going so that they can achieve their goals sooner than before!

Stamina and strength

Bodybuilders can repair many body functions with regular use of CBD, which can further improve their outlook and help build stamina. CBD can include more physical strength and stamina, which enhance the bodybuilders’ fitness levels.

CBD before workout or after workout for Energy boost?

CBD can be used before a rigorous fitness regime or even afterward. The dose of this natural substance before workout can be beneficial in the following ways:

Combat anxiety and arousal

CBD is a popular anti-anxiety supplement and can help with anxiety related to workout routines or weightlifting. In sports psychology, anxiety and performance-related stress are considered a big deterrent as it increases muscle tension and reduces physical coordination. Nausea and sweating may also occur due to anxiety and stress. If bodybuilders have performance anxiety or feel burdened with the thought of failing their goals, CBD is an excellent aid!

Sleep regulation

Working out a routine requires discipline and full alertness. If bodybuilders don’t sleep well, their workout routines might be impacted negatively. CBD regulates sleep and ensures that individuals feel fresh, alert, and ready before starting their workout routines.

The positive effects of CBD can greatly help bodybuilders after a thorough workout or weightlifting routine. The prominent effects are as follows:

Relieve muscle soreness

Bodybuilders have to work very hard in the gym, and often their muscles become sore. Muscle cramps are a result of rigorous exercise and lifting heavyweights. CBD can help eliminate soreness and discomfort. Users feel a reduction in cramps, and that helps them get ready for the next workout.

Healing tissues and promote mobility

Lifting heavy weights and exercising for hours can cause tissue wear and tear, which compromises movements. Regular use of CBD can heal the body and improve mobility. Using CBD regularly prepares bodybuilders to focus on their physical stamina without worrying about reduced mobility.

Leading Bodybuilders who used CBD for energy and why?

If you follow famous bodybuilders, you must have seen pictures of your favorite fitness enthusiasts with a CBD product such as cream, balm, or oil. Gym-goers and athletes know the benefits of cannabidiol, and bodybuilders use CBD products for better performance. A few famous bodybuilders use CBD products and endorse them too. 

Joey Swoll

Joey Sergo endorses CBD use, and seeing his amazing journey to fitness and following his rigorous weightlifting routines can convince numerous aspiring bodybuilders to pick up some practices from him! Joey Sergo has appeared in numerous fitness magazines and competitions. Presently, he coaches serious bodybuilders to achieve the same level of fitness and muscle strength.

Dave Palumbo

We all know Dave Palumbo as he was not only a champion in bodybuilding but was also the editor-in-chief for Muscular Development magazine. Dave is the owner of Species Nutrition and guides many people to become bodybuilders with dedication and a strict fitness regime. Dave Palumbo uses CBD for his workout strength and after-workout healing. 

Lee Priest

An Australian bodybuilder, Priest competed in numerous international competitions and won many titles over two decades. Priest endorses CBD as an excellent alternative to opioids, which slow down the body while CBD uplifts the user and helps them achieve their goals.

How much CBD is good enough?

Bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts may see a change in their physical performance and stamina with improved muscle mass if they consume between 2.5mg and 10mg. This dose of CBD gives bodybuilders enough energy and stimulation to build their stamina and relieve fatigue after a workout. A higher amount will not help users with their goals but may bring on some unwanted side effects.


CBD products are readily available for those who want to improve their physical performance and increase stamina. Bodybuilders can benefit from the various benefits of CBD and achieve their goals. However, all users must keep in mind that the CBD product they consume is fresh, potent, and is consumed in reasonable amounts.