Top Misconceptions of CBD That Damaged The CBD Industry

Top Misconceptions of CBD That Damaged The CBD Industry

CBD is in the limelight for years and you can find it at pet shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, and even at smoke shops! Beauty products, health supplements, pet healthcare, and even pleasure-selling shops offer CBD. CBD-infused beverages and soft gels are easily available but still, people are very misguided when it comes to knowing what CBD can do!

The rather rapid ubiquity is a fact, while people also believe that selling CBD is illegal, but CBD itself is legal! Let’s stop the confusion and bust the myths that not only cause confusion but also keep people from trying a natural substance that may be helpful for them. One by one, we shall recall the myths that have marred CBD and see how many of them have even an iota of reality!

CBD is a marketing scam

The wellness industry in the United States is worth billions and in recent years, a big portion of it took a turn towards CBD and other natural substances. Wonder why? There are numerous benefits in CBD for your wellbeing, but it is not wrong to say that the wellness industry leeches on these benefits for profits! The people who use CBD rave about its benefits and claim that it helps various skin conditions, mood swings, sleep issues, and even improves their outlook towards life! All these reviews of people have compelled the industry to include CBD in the various daily routine supplements so that the general well being of the public can improve.

Many manufacturers promote the use of CBD so that they can make more sales! While CBD may be used in products to market them to a bigger customer base, the effects of CBD marketed are not a myth! CBD is not a marketing scam but has helped millions of Americans improve various health conditions.

CBD is illegal

If you have ever heard anyone say that CBD is a scheduled drug, it is not surprising. Even today, when CBD products are readily available, many believe that CBD is a drug. However, the Farm Bill of 2018 clearly states that hemp and hemp products are legal in the United States. The THC content is specifically mentioned as the psychoactive agent in cannabis. Once the cultivators and manufacturers ensure that hemp plants and CBD products have low THC levels, you can use them for all the benefits of CBD!

CBD Oil Can Only Be Used By Adults

CBD Oil is an excellent stimulant as it offers many benefits for individuals with various conditions such as epilepsy, arthritis, and migraines. A study shows how children with epilepsy were treated with the medicine Epidiolex, which contains CBD. The myth that CBD Oil can only be used by adults is debunked! Not only children but pets can also be given CBD for better health and pain management.

CBD takes a long time to work

When people use pharmaceutical medicines, they expect to see quick results. We all have been conditioned to believe that natural substances must also give quick results. However, it is not the case. All-natural substances are slow and gradual, but regular use is what brings about a change.

Many studies will be available online to prove that CBD does not affect health, but readers must locate what the study is stating! If the subjects are not suffering from pain, or anxiety then of course CBD will not work as there are no conditions to correct! CBD works on people who suffer from various conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

CBD’s medical benefits aren’t backed by science

Yes, there is limited scientific research about the efficacy of CBD as a revitalizing and beneficial natural substance. However, there is research on the use of CBD as a painkiller, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression aid. Moreover, the correction of sleep disorders and the use of CBD to reduce epileptic seizures is also a vastly researched aspect. Recently, the FDA approved the medicine Epidiolex, which contains CBD. After much research, it was discovered that cannabidiol or CBD can help epilepsy patients. Therefore, saying that CBD’s medical claims are not backed by science is a big fat lie that needs to be forgotten so that people can benefit from the good effects of this hemp plant component.

CBD gets you high

One of the most common myths: CBD will get you high! Many potential users hesitate to try out cannabidiol due to this misleading attribute attached to it. There are many cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and THC is the cannabinoid that induces the ‘high’ feeling. CBD is often marketed as non-psychoactive, which may be misleading as it is anti-anxiety and anti-depressant, which means that CBD can alter the mood.

However, CBD does not have the intoxicating effects that THC has! Saying that CBD will make you high means that it will intoxicate you. This information is deceptive and may drive potential users away from the CBD products they want to use. Busting this myth was the need of hundreds, maybe thousands of potential CBD users!

CBD converts to THC in the stomach due to acid

Out of all the misconstrued myths, this one is the worst! The cannabis or hemp plant is rich in cannabinoids. Both CBD and THC are different cannabinoids, with unique chemical bonding. A study showed how chemical bonding was changed in the laboratory to isomerize CBD and create Delta-9-THC and Delta-8-THC. However, the effects of both these delta bonded THC compounds are similar to CBD and do not bring about a high. Therefore, the myth may be true but the impact of the THC delta compound is so different from the naturally occurring compound that it all ends well!

It’s better to Derive CBD from Marijuana Than Hemp

There may be many concerns in people’s minds regarding the efficacy of CBD and the psychoactive property of THC, but the myth about marijuana being better than hemp is quite outrageous! The difference between the two types of plants is that marijuana has a higher THC level than hemp plants.

Extracting CBD is a rigorous process and whether you use cannabis or hemp, the result will be pure CBD! Hemp plants contain a higher quantity of CBD therefore it makes sense if you use hemp to derive CBD so that you get more of it. Once extracted, the quality of CBD remains the same even if the quantity is different.

CBD has no side effects

There is evidence that any natural substance, when consumed in higher amounts, can cause short-term side effects that cause temporary discomfort. CBD products have cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that interacts with the receptors in the brain and brings about a stimulating and energizing experience. An overdose of CBD may cause unwanted effects such as headache, nausea, and diarrhea.

The FDA identified numerous safety concerns related to the consumption of CBD within adequate limits. To avoid any of these side effects, always choose quality labelled products. The FDA claims that there is more scientific research needed to understand the long-term and permanent side effects of CBD so that users are fully aware of what they are consuming.


CBD is often misunderstood and many people defame this natural substance based on the myths they have heard! For better health, these myths need to be debunked so that individuals can enjoy the natural benefits without fear of side effects. CBD has less research, but it is enough to prove that there are several benefits that you can enjoy only if these myths are busted forever!