What is CBG?


What is CBG?

Is CBG the New CBD?

CBD is officially a billion-dollar industry with about 15 percent of all Americans jumping on board and continually using the compound for what ails them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in cannabis plants and has been known to treat everything from insomnia to pain to anxiety. It is easy to see why people enjoy using something that comes entirely from nature rather than medications created in a lab that many times requires a prescription. 

However, depending upon your needs, there may be an even better alternative out there that can assist you in feeling your best. Ironically enough, it also is found in cannabis plants and is a cannabinoid just like CBD. 

Enter CBG

Cannabigerol, otherwise more simply known as CBG, is similar in ways to CBD. They both come from the same plant, both will not get you high, and both have healing properties. CBG is actually the precursor to many things in the cannabis plant. Many people refer to it as the stem cell of the plant. Through CBG, other cannabinoids like THC and CBD are formed. And just like CBD, it is starting to explode on to the scene for those interested in improving their health the natural way. 

The Benefits of CBG

There have been studies completed that detail some of the benefits of CBG where it all sounds very promising. However, trying to find whole clinical trials on the effectiveness with hundreds of people involved is tough to do at the moment as there is just not enough data currently out there. Still, that is not deterring many from using CBG for certain conditions that it can help with. 


Glaucoma is something to take very seriously in life as it is one of the leading causes of blindness as a person gets older. The condition damages the optic nerve and it generally just keeps getting worse over time. The amount of pressure increases in the eye and before long, your vision will be affected. Glaucoma does tend to run in families, so if a person has relatives with it, then it might be just a matter of time. 

The good news is the CBG has been shown to treat glaucoma and relieve the pressure in the eye that builds up over time. CBD does not help with the actual glaucoma, but a study completed in 1990 showed that CBG does. This is just one reason why people are getting excited about adding CBG to their routine as it offers things that CBD may not. 

Blood Pressure

CBG has demonstrated that it has the ability to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can bring on heart disease and stroke, so taking CBG and getting blood pressure under control should be a goal for anyone with these concerns. 


It has been shown that CBG can act as an antibiotic/antibacterial agent and can help fight off bacterial infections. In fact, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA, is a kind of staph infection that has demonstrated that it can fight back against antibiotics and actually become quite deadly. However, in one 2008 study, CBG showed promising results in dealing effectively with MRSA. This is extremely important as CBG could help with other bacteria that have proven to be resistant to other antibiotics on the market. 

Relieves Anxiety and Can Help With Sleep

Who doesn’t want to be calmer with less anxiety coming out of every pore? CBG is said to contribute to the GABA reuptake inhibition and helps bring relaxation to the person needing it. 

Reduce Pain

CBG works with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and will decrease the pain throughout your body. CBG will also help with inflammation as well. It could be a good alternative to pain reliever medications that can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Neurodegenerative Diseases

There was a study completed on mice in 2015 that found CBG could be a treatment for those suffering from brain degeneration. While there are numerous conditions that bring on cognitive problems, along with old age, perhaps CBG could be of use in these cases. 

Limits Cancer Growth?

You have to be very careful when speaking of a supplement or medication that can combat cancer. With that said, there have been cases where CBG has limited tumor growth both in the colon and in the breasts. 

Skin Problems

Anyone suffering from skin conditions is always looking for something that might work just a little bit better than what they are currently using. In 2007, a study was completed that looked at the possibility of CBG treating psoriasis and eczema. 

Keep in Mind

Just like with CBD a few years ago, CBG is just not getting the recognition it deserves yet. However, much of that will come when there are further studies and clinical trials completed where the effectiveness of CBG will be detailed in full for various maladies.