CBD And Yoga: Is It Good Or Bad?

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CBD And Yoga: Is It Good Or Bad?

Ever wondered what a match made in heaven really means? It's called pairing Yoga with CBD. Two entirely different concepts inextricably intertwined in antiquity!

How CBD Works For Yoga? 

The modern scientific advancements have unveiled a plethora of tangible perks Yoga in-stores for the mind, body and soul. Coincidentally this greatly overlaps with the benefits CBD has to offer. Here is how:

Both Yoga and CBD manifest its impact by working through and regulating the ECS. Our ECS is a complex network consisting of receptors and neurotransmitters- with a fair number of cannabinoid receptors too among them. These are working round the clock to create homeostasis i.e. balance across all biological activity. Besides, they also influence a lot of mental and physiological functions in the body such as sleep, appetite control, relief, and relaxation. 

As we consume CBD, the cannabinoids bind with the ECS and brain to boost the functionality of cannabinoid receptors in the body to create homeostasis. 

Benefits of CBD with Yoga

As proponents advocate the use of CBD for yoga, you might ask, what good it brings onto? Here are some reasons why the two make a perfect pair:

1) Increases Focus and Concentration

The ultimate objective of Yoga is to escape from the trivial worldly affairs and experience the True self.

But do you often struggle with a restless, wandering mind full of intrusive thoughts while meditating? And, no matter how hard you try you just can’t bring that zen energy from within.

Well worry no more! CBD is that magic potion to put a stop to all the incessantly racing random distractions. It will enhance focus and prolong the attention spans to ensure that you make the most of your session.

2) Prolongs Bliss Feelings

Ever pondered over how and why yoga makes one feel so content and tranquil? The coveted post-meditation feelings are rendered through the production of a bliss chemical in the brain, called Anandamide. Unfortunately, that’s quite fragile and short-lived as our body naturally decomposes this neurotransmitter and the euphoria thus subsides rather quickly.

Are you really desperate to make that state of unfettered joy last longer?

Well, that’s easily achievable with the simple hack of having CBD. It greatly suppresses the action of enzymes that attack and decompose anandamide. This in turn brings forth perpetual feelings of calmness and pleasure.

3) Relieves Muscles

There is no denying that yoga consists of physically demanding exercises that can strain your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to post-session complications. Dive deeper into every step of the practice by incorporating this effective relaxant into your regimen. CBD is that all-rounder tonic to combat soreness and provides unmatchable relief to the muscles once you are done with the session.

4) Stabilizes and Improves Mood

Meditation only works its magic when done with a calm mind. CBD aids in the production of mood enhancers such as serotonin to cheer your spirits. It will lead you into a more stable and uplifted mindset to help unlock optimum benefits yoga has to offer.

5) Relaxes the Mind

Yoga intends to let the practitioner delve in the ultimate silence while meditating. However, if paranoia hits you the hardest, and the morals are at its lowest then its CBD time!

Have your daily dose of CBD and alleviate all the mental distractions and stress that prevents you from enjoying the peace. Time and time again, researchers are finding more and more proof to support the relaxing effects of CBD on the mind - thereby paving the way for a rejuvenating yoga session.

6) Improves the Mind-Body Connection

One of the key aims of yoga revolves around harmonizing your mind with the body which is intricately linked to the endocannabinoid system.

And this is the real deal-breaker given the limited time of the session, an hour or so. Unfortunately, most practitioners tend to waste half the time in achieving this synchronization. The inclusion of CBD can inevitably gear you up more quickly by eradicating all the unnecessary stresses. It interacts with the ECS to forge much stronger connections and immerse much deeper.

How to include CBD in your yoga routine?

Now that you know the benefits of CBD, you are definitely tempted to try a CBD-infused Yoga practice. But not sure how to go about it?

You can easily add this incredible ingredient to your routine either before, after or while performing your postures. The effects will surface between 15 to 60 minutes depending on the quantity and strength of the dose. Following we have jotted down all the essential details you need to know:

1) Before or After Yoga

Practitioners vouch for the ravishing superpowers lend by a CBD dose before or after Yoga. It bolsters up the spirits and give a renewed energy and hope to flow with the day.

Lately, there are all sorts of inspiring CBD goods hitting the market. From CBD infused treats, to gummies, capsules, balms, lotions, juices, alcohol, chocolates, teas. You name it! CBD forms the base ingredient of an overwhelming range of products right, left and center.

One can opt for the oral administration or topical application. Just make sure to buy the best online CBD supplements from the most prestigious vendor. Begin with small doses and increase it only gradually.

Alternatively, one can purchase online over-the-counter CBD-based skincare products. Or perhaps, you can even experiment adding a few drops of oil to your go-to moisturizers. Apply copiously on key areas such as hands, neck and chest and massage well to ensure full absorption.

2) During Yoga

Unleash your culinary creativity while adding CBD to your mid-yoga routine.

Prepare a refreshing CBD tea, a chilled CBD shake, or a nutritious smoothie, to spice up the taste buds while instantly enhancing yoga adaptation through activation of the ECS.

Just sip on them as you please, and watch the ingredient work its magic in establishing a strong mind-body connection!

The Cons of using CBD for Yoga

The use of CBD for Yoga isn’t without any side-effects. There is a growing consensus that the two main draw-backs are:

1) Lack of Spirituality

Most meditative schools of thought are of the notion that the mental benefits of yoga must be achieved from within. That’s the only way to attain true spirituality, no other short-cuts, no tricks as the interference of an outside source will entirely kill the spiritual element. Likewise, the use of CBD is too condemned as it acts as an external catalyst to generate tranquility.

2) Negates Mind Nourishment

The practice of yoga is as old as human civilization. Throughout the course of time, the ideology and biological basis has remained unchanged. In the opinion of Ashley Turner “it’s a psychology to promote mental well-being by working around the nature of the mind.” Consequently, the addition of mind-altering substances like cannabis hinders achieving this meditation-perfect headspace naturally and thus does not help the mind progressively evolve over time. Betsy Kase, owner of Yoga Haven despite being a regular CBD user, states “I’m sort of blown away that Yoga Studios are promoting the use of CBD before class. They are making a novelty out of it”.

Let’s Experience Harmony amidst Life's Hustle and Bustle!